About Us

L’Elysee started out as a small, independent Artisan Café created by us in 2013. We put our hearts and souls into making it a warm, friendly place where anyone could come and enjoy a hearty meal made with great ingredients and with the utmost attention on the quality, preparation and service at all times.

Since then, we have come a long way! We have gone from a little team of 4 to a family of 12, we have more regulars than ever before, and we have given customers the option to enjoy our delicious choices in the office with our office catering options. We have also opened our second cute little shop, ‘L’Elysee Express’ which is a ‘grab and go’ version of the first shop, a little sister, if you will.

Through all the challenges and learns in our first few years, our philosophy continues to keep us totally dedicated to the quality of our ingredients and food, and we continue daily to persevere with providing the best service. We are constantly experimenting with new recipes, trying different regional specialities and are always keen to take on board the tastes and feedback of our regulars.

Here is to always keeping your taste buds tantalised!

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