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Awards and accolades for L’Elysee Artisan Cafe, and mentions in the media

TimeOut Magazine’s Love London Awards

Hammersmith & Fulham Brilliant Business Awards

The Slice (Metro Newspaper)

“London’s best breakfast”

We’ve found our favourite restaurant and now we think we may have found our favourite breakfast item in the city (well, so far, anyway). The Slice team have found a little café near HQ called L’Elysee which, from the outside, is a small and unassuming place which serves coffee and sandwiches – lovely, right? However, they also make a number of incredible looking breakfast foods, like croissants stuffed with scrambled egg and bacon and plump cheesy omelettes, for example. But there’s something else they do – and this little thing has changed our lives for the better. It’s an almond croissant, but one like no other, because it’s absolutely jam-packed with a thick and creamy almond butter that is just TO DIE FOR. Locals try it, move away from the area, then go out of their way to come back to L’Elysee before work so they can get their hands on these beauties (we know this, because we’ve encountered a few of these people who’ve shared their story with us). We want to encourage you to go and try it – because it would be a crime not to – but we also kind of don’t want you to because we’re worried they’ll run out and then we’ll miss out, which just isn’t on, frankly. For these heavenly croissants, we’re giving L’Elysee a 10/10. Don’t eat all our croissants, please.

David Souffle (Jeremy Clarkson) – “He likes a pastry”